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Clarification Requests for BTL Test Package 15.0

The documents listed below are Clarification Requests and Responses that have been brought to the BTL Working Group for discussion. The responses listed here should be treated as addendum to the currently released BTL Test Package. 



Description Searchable Titles 
 COV Resubscription Interval
BTL-CR-0394   8.4.2_Alarm_Values  8.4.2 Alarm Values
BTL-CR-0395  Schedule_that_can_change_datatypes_v2 Schedule That Can Change Data Types v2 
BTL-CR-0396  why_the_minimum_6 Why the Minimum 6 
BTL-CR-0397  BTL_Listing_Datalink_or_Network_layer_tools    BTL Listing Data Link or Network Layer Tools 
BTL-CR-0398 INVALID_DATATYPE_in_LM-B   Invalid Data Type in LM-B
BTL-CR-0401  9.4 9.4 
BTL-CR-0402  5.5.1  5.5.1
BTL-CR-0403 and BACnet Binary PV 
BTL-CR-0404 reliability in OOS test
BTL-CR-0406 SCHED-I-B_7_3_2_23_10_3_7  SCHED-I-B_7_3_2_23_10_3_7 
  EPICS Consistency Tests  EPICS Consistency Tests 
BTL-CR-0408  COV-A Negative Tests COV-A Negative Tests 
  9.1.1.X3_Conditionality 9.1.1.X3 Conditionality 
BTL-CR-0410   RPM_of_special_property-ids RPM of Special Property Ids 
 10.8.5_in_virtual-routing 10.8.5 in Virtual Routing 
BTL-CR-0412  COV-B_Infinite_Subscriptions  COV-B Infinite Subscriptions
BTL-CR-0413  7.1.X3-no_segmentation 7.1.X3 No Segmentation 
BTL-CR-0414 TS-B or UTC-B conditionality not explicitly  mentioned in AE  TS-B or UTC-B Conditionality Not Explicitly Mentioned in AE
BTL-CR-0415 Unicast_I-Have   Unicast I-Have
BTL-CR-0416 TRIGGERED_alone  Triggered Alone
BTL-CR-0417 Event_Detection_Enable_v3  Event Detection Enable v3 
7.2.X1_tests_unspecified_D-o-W  7.2.X1 Tests Unspecified D-o-W 
BTL-CR-0420                Overly Strict
BTL-CR-0421 Fix Long Lifetime 



8.2.1 Should COV-Increment be Non-volatile 

BTL-CR-0423  unclaimed_Ethernet Unclaimed Ethernet 

BTL-CR-0424  9.21.1.X1_when_list_is_empty 9.21.1.X1 When List Is Empty 
BTL-CR-0425 deprecated_AE-ASUM-B_and_AE-ESUM-B_BIBBs 

Deprecated AE-ASUM-B and AE-ESUM-B BIBBs 

BTL-CR-0427 Reliability_Evaluation_Inhibit  Reliability Evaluation Inhibit 
BTL-CR-0428 Event_Algorithm_Inhibit_Optionality  Event Algorithm Inhibit Optionality
BTL-CR-0429  Date_List_allowed_to_restrict_writability Date List Allowed to Restrict Writability
BTL-CR-0430 7.2.X_when_Exception_Schedule_restricts_writability 7.2.X When Exception Schedule Restricts Writability
BTL-CR-0432   are_multiple_Exception_Schedule_special_events_required_V2 Are Multiple Exception Schedule Special Events Required V2 
 BTL-CR-0433 Not Affected By Time Changes 
BTL-CR-0434 Pulse_Converter_OOS_Test  Pulse Converter OOS Test 
BTL-CR-0435 Ack Required 
BTL-CR-0437  8.3.10_without_clock 8.3.10 Without Clock 
BTL-CR-0438  MSTP_extra_bytes MSTP extra bytes 
  BTL-CR-0440   Original_Broadcast_execution-while_RegFD  Original Broadcast execution-while RegFD 
BTL-CR-0441  unicast_I-Have_PR-conditonality unicast I-Have PR-conditonality 
BTL-CR-0442 9.11.1.X21 repeat for each type that has a property which supports SubscribeCOVProperty  9.11.1.X21 repeat for each type that has a property which supports SubscribeCOVProperty 
  BTL-CR-0444 BTL-CR-0444_SubscribeCOVProperty Service execution  BTL-CR-0444 SubscribeCOVProperty Service execution 
BTL-CR-0445  BTL-CR-0445-TP15-2_APDUretry_tests BTL-CR-0445-TP15-2 APDUretry tests 
   BTL-CR-0446 timing for transitions to OFFNORMAL after being in FAULT  timing for transitions to OFFNORMAL after being in FAULT 
  BTL-CR-0448   Test Conditionality for BTL - 7.3.1.X9.2 Test Conditionality for BTL - 7.3.1.X9.2 
  BTL-CR-0449    7.3.2.X37.1.6_OutOfService_AccumulatorTest   7.3.2.X37.1.6 Out Of Service AccumulatorTest
BTL-CR-0450  Notes to Tester for BTL –  Notes to Tester for BTL – 
  BTL-CR-0451 BinaryOutput_CommandFailureRequirement  Binary Output Command Failure Requirement 
  BTL-CR-0452  BTL - 7.3.1.X8.1_Reliabiliby_Evaluations_Inhibit  BTL - 7.3.1.X8.1 Reliabiliby Evaluations Inhibit 
  BTL-CR-0453 135.1-2013 - Router-Busy-To-Network Information   135.1-2013 - Forwarding Router-Busy To Network Information  
  BTL-CR-0454  13.5.1 Manual Slave Binding Test   13.5.1 Manual Slave Binding Test
BTL-CR-0455  7.3.2.X8.1_7.3.2.X8.2  7.3.2.X8.1_7.3.2.X8.2 
BTL-CR-0456  Out_Of_Service for Value Objects     Out Of Service for Value Objects  
  BTL-CR-0457  Network_Port_Object_not_supporting_ReinitializeDevice   Network Port Object not supporting Reinitialize Device
  BTL-CR-0458  8.11.X1.3_Change_of_Value_Notification_Arrives_after_Subscription_has_Expired  8.11.X1.3 Change of Value Notification Arrives after Subscription has Expired
   BTL-CR-0459 Specified Tests 15.2.Final, 7.3.2.X38.1.1  Specified Tests 15.2.Final, 7.3.2.X38.1.1
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