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Clarification Requests for BTL Test Package 12.0



The documents listed below are Clarification Requests and Responses that have been brought to the BTL Working Group for discussion. The responses listed here should be treated as addendum to the currently released BTL Test Package.


   Name  Description  Searchable Titles
  CR-0217 revisited -
 revisited - proprietary means

writing_Record_Count_0_preserves_Total_Record_Count  Writing Record Count 0 Preserves Total Record Count
 CR-0275  8.3.X_accurate_got_translated_to_OPERATIONAL  8.3.X Accurate got Translated to Operational
 CR-0278  9.21.1.X5 - Reading Items with Negative Count and MOREITEMS  9.21.1.X5 Reading Items with Negative Count and More Items
 CR-0279   RLE_failure_preserves_order_of_items  RLE Failure Preserves Order of Items
 CR-0280  9.16.2.X1_ensure_obj_not_created  9.16.2.X1 Ensure Object not Created
 CR-0281  9.16.2.X2_step_numbering  9.16.2.X2 Step Numbering
 CR-0282  7 3 2 24 X7_byPosition  7 3 2 24 X7 by Position
 CR-0284  9.8.5  9.8.5
 CR-0285  8.7.7_MultipleOrAllFilters  8.7.7 Multiple or All Filters
 CR-0286  9.24.2.X3_error_codes  9.24.2.X3 Error Codes
 CR-0287  End Restore with no config  End Restore with No Config
 CR-0288  DS-Advanced_required_object_types  DS-Advanced Required Object Types
 CR-0289  conditionality  Conditionality
 CR-0290  datatype_error-code-only  Data Type Error Code Only
 CR-0291  2.2.2_data-frame-only  2.2.2 Data Frame Only
 CR-0293  checklist_entries_for_deprecated_BIBBs-1  Checklist Entries for Deprecated BIBBs 1
 CR-0294  checklist_selections_for_proprietary_properties  Checklist Selections for Proprietary Properties  
   CR-0295  StructuredView-5 and  
   CR-0296  AUTOBAUD  AutoBaud  
 CR-0297  lifetime-4
   CR-0298 Confirmed  
   CR-0299  9.2.2.several_one_minute  9.2.2. Several One Minute  
   CR-0301  why_read_Present_Value  Why Read Present Value  
   CR-0302’t_exclude_1 Should't Exclude 1  
 CR-0303  with_ID  With ID
   CR-0305  7.2.2_INCONSISTENT_PARAMETERS  7.2.2 Inconsistent Parameters  
 CR-0306  13.X1_without_device_instance_range  13.X1 Without Device Instance Range
 CR-0307  fallback_in_8.18.3  Fallback in 8.18.3
 CR-0308  are_7.2.X_only_P_R_11_and_higher  Are 7.2.X Only P_R_11 and Higher
 CR-0310  AE-INFO-B_should_not_require_AE-ACK-B   AE-INFO-B Should Not Require AE-ACK-B
 CR-0312  non-empty-Exception-Schedule  Non-Empty Exception Schedule
 CR-0313  DCC_tests  DCC Tests
 CR-0314  local_broadcast_for_timesync_tests  Local Broadcast for Time Sync Tests
 CR-0315  Sched_without_reference  Schedule without Reference
 CR-0316  Wrong_errorclass  Wrong Error Class
 CR-0317  ReadRangeAck_v2   Read Range Acknowledgement v2
 CR-0318 X2
 CR-0319  OFFNORMAL  Off Normal
 CR-0321  missing_failtime_v2  Missing Fail Time v2
 CR-0322  8.4.X4_v2  8.4.X4_v2
 CR-0323  Intrinsic_reporting_not_supported  Intrinsic Reporting Not Supported
 CR-0324  claiming_just_TS-A_before_P_R_7  Claiming Just TS-A before P_R_7
 CR-0328  Accept_MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER  Accept Missing Required Parameter
 CR-0329  Exception_Schedule_Time_Resolution  Exception Schedule Time Resolution
 CR-0330  accept_Enumerated_to_Multi-state  Accept Enumerated to Multi-State
 CR-0331  8.20.Y1.2  8.20Y1.2
 CR-0333  Event_Log_resource_limitation  Event Log Resource Limitation
 CR-0334  9.3.2_notes  9.3.2 Notes
 CR-0335  5.5.1_conditionality  5.51 Conditionality
 CR-0337  TP12_section_6.5.10  TP12 Section 6.5.10
 CR-0338  8.20.Y1.2  8.20.Y1.2
 CR-0339  timing  Timing
 CR-0341  Align_Intervals  Align Intervals
 CR-0342  Elapsed_Active_Time__Feedback_Value  Elapsed Active Time Feedback Value
 CR-0343  Recipient_List_when_lacking_clock  Recipient List when Lacking Clock
 CR-0344  9.10.2.X3_unlimited_lifetime  9.10.2X3 Unlimited Lifetime
 CR-0345  non_BBMD  Non BBMD


 Time Sync Fail Time  
    CR-0347  BR_using_reboot  BR Using Reboot  
   CR-0348  must_UTF-8_be_used  Must UTF-8 be Used
   CR-0349  Broadcast_while_Registered_as_Foreign_Device  Broadcast while Registered as Foreign Device
   CR-0350  substituting_question-marks_in_string_writes  Subsituting Questions Marks in String Writes  
   CR-0351  UTF8 in Rev7  UTF8 in Rev7  
   CR-0352 Restore Records Access  
   CR-0353  WriteBDT_Conditionality  Write BDT Conditionality  
   CR-0354   7.3.1.X4_missing_timedelay  7.3.1.X4 Missing Time Delay  
   CR-0355  UNKNOWN_OBJECT  Unknown Object  


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