Test Documentation

Current Test Package and Application Forms

BTL Test Package v14.0
All documents to complete the BTL Test process, from applying for testing at a BTL Testing Organization, to preparing your device for testing
BTL Interim Test Specification 15.0a v2
Interim Test document for vendors planning to submit a device implementing Protocol_Revision 15


BTL Test Addenda for Test Package 14.0 

The BTL-WG makes changes to the BTL Test Package through published addenda. To determine all of the changes between published versions of the Test Package, look to the set of addenda numbered similarly to the lower Test Package version.


Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-b-v4

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-c-v5

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-d-v3

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-e-v1

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-f-v1

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-g-v4

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-h-v4

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-i-v1

Add-BTL Test Package 14.0-j-v1


BTL Test Addenda for Test Package 12.1 

 (eg BTL Test Package addenda 12.0-a through 12.0-e contain all changes to BTL Test Package 12.0 which make up Test Package 12.1).

Errata-BTL Test Package 12.0 plus addenda-2015-01-12

Add-BTL Test Package 12.1-a-v5

Add-BTL Test Package 12.1-b-v1

Add-BTL Test Package 12.1-c-v3
Add-BTL Test Package 12.1-d-v1
Add-BTL Test Package 12.1-e-v1


BTL Test Addenda for Test Package 12.0 

Add-BTL Test Package 12.0b-v4
Add-BTL Test Package 12.0c-v6
Add-BTL Test Package 12.0d-v2
Add-BTL Test Package 12.0e-v2
Add-BTL Test Package 12.0f-v1
Add-BTL Test Package 12.0g-v4


BTL Test Policies

Testing Policies  A comprehensive document of the Policies for testing products with the BTL Test Package.


BTL Implementation Guidelines

To improve interoperability the BTL Implementation Guidelines document presents options and capabilities as recommended guidelines for all BACnet® implementers. It also presents guidelines to avoid mistakes made in the past by new BACnet implementers.

BTL Implementation Guidelines


Click here to access archived documentation page.

If you have questions related to the BTL Test Package, please complete the BTL Clarification Request template document and submit your question to the BTL Manager at btl-manager@bacnetinternational.org.

The documents listed below are Clarification Requests and Responses that have been brought to the BTL Working Group for discussion. The responses listed here should be treated as addendum to the currently released BTL Test Package.

BTL Clarification Request Template
Clarification Requests for BTL Test Package v3.1
Clarification Requests for BTL Test Package, 04-Dec-2012 to date

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